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Artistic Fountains & Sculptures

Giverny Acrylic Sphere Fountain

  • Weight 8.0000 lbs


Previously $999.00
This table water fountain is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Water flows down the face of the sphere creating a tranquil sound perfect for meditation. The copper lily​ ​pads give it an organic feeling, and the homage to Monet makes this perfect for both modern and traditional decor. As with everything else that we do, this can be made in any size, shape, or color palette.
It has a hand-painted acrylic sphere that the water runs over. The sound is quiet, perfect for a meditation room. This particular one has a 10" diameter sphere but sphere sizes can be 12, 14, 16, 18, or even 20" in diameter. Call or email for quote on larger sizes.

Example. 20 in globe $1599.00
24 in globe $1799.00

Pump included. Stand can vary upon your need.

Plus shipping included for anywhere in continental U.S.

Overall Dimensions:
24" by 24" by 15"
weight is 8 pounds
Sphere alone is 10 inch diameter.
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