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Artistic Fountains & Sculptures

Rain Curtain Custom Fountain

  • Weight 400.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 6.5ft Tall x 5ft Wide


Previously $9,995.00

Very unique rustic water wall. Water flow is like a curtain of rain.

FYI: If you order the copper standard size through the site, email the copper finish you need to bob@fountains.com
No email choice needed if you order stainless or corten steel.

If ordering any size other than the standard 6.5 ft x 5 ft you need to call us to ring it up.

Built with copper to give it the oxidized, rustic look. Can be done with Bronze, Stainless or Corten Steel also. Comes with pump, auto fill and stainless catch basin for water. You pick out and supply your own rocks. Can be be built with opening in middle to lessen splash, if desired. (10 in wide opening from post to post.)

This feature priced here is 6.5ft tall x 5ft wide, ground up.
Add 12 inches depth for under ground basin.

If needed, we can add 2, 3 or 4 bolt down plates to each side of basin, to bolt unit down to concrete pad. See in drop down menus. These would protrude 2 inches on each side and have 2 bolt holes each. See rough sketch image #16 in gallery. The bolt holes are 1/4 inch.

Below are some other size prices, measurements are above ground. Add 12 inches depth for under ground basin.
Any of sizes below can be built at these prices with Copper, Stainless Steel or Corten Steel.

4ft Tall x 4ft Wide: $ 7,250.00
4ft Tall x 5ft Wide: $ 7.795.00
5ft Tall x 5ft Wide: $ 7,995.00
6ft Tall x 4ft Wide: $ 7,995.00
6.5ft Tall x 9ft Wide: $12,750.00 (most popular see schematic image #19 in gallery)
6.5ft Tall x 8ft Wide $12,500.00
7ft Tall x 9ft Wide: $12,995.00
7ft Tall x 8ft Wide: $12,750.00
6ft Tall x 6ft Wide: $11,850.00
5ft Tall x 7ft Wide: $11,850.00
5ft Tall x 9ft Wide: $12,250.00
8ft Tall x 4ft Wide: $12,750.00
8ft Tall x 5ft Wide: $13,500.00
8ft Tall x 9ft Wide: $15,250.00
8ft Tall x 10ft Wide: $16,495.00
9ft Tall x 5ft Wide: $13,950.00
10ft Tall x 5ft Wide: $14,950.00
5ft Tall x 10ft Wide: $14,950.00
6ft Tall x 10ft Wide: $15,250.00
5ft Tall x 11ft Wide: $16,995.00
9ft Tall x 10ft Wide: $16,495.00
10ft Tall x 9ft. Wide: $16,495.00
6.5ft Tall x 12ft Wide: $19,950.00
9ft Tall x 12ft Wide: $22,500.00
10ft Tall x 12ft Wide: $24,750.00
8ft Tall x 18ft Wide: $39,000.00 (Schematic Image #18 in Gallery)
Call for upgrade prices, lights, grading, etc for larger units.

L-Shaped 6.5 ft Tall with 5ft Wide L-Section, extra support inside, : $13995. Basin: 62 in long x 30 in wide x 12 in deep.
L-Shaped unit 6.5 ft Tall with 2.5 ft L-section: $9500. This size would have basin 36 in long x 30 in wide x 12 in deep.
See L-Shape video below and images in gallery.

Note: Due to the normal properties of copper, the patina will change over time. This is normal and expected. Many people prefer the natural aging of the copper patina. But if you want your feature to hold its color longer, use a metal sealant such as everbrite. Follow instructions provided by sealant manufacturer. https://www.everbritecoatings.com/

Natural Oxidation:
Just like rust develops on iron, patina develops on copper when the copper sulphate on the surface interacts with oxygen in the environment. Importantly, unlike rust which corrodes iron, patina actually protects and preserves the copper underneath.

Note: All items over 6.5 ft tall must be shipped on open top trailer, increasing shipping cost. Call or email for quote.

Smaller version: 3ft tall x 5ft wide with 8in wide frame: $6995.00 . Add $750 to make this size L-Shaped.

We can build any size, call for quote.

Standard width for copper frame is 10in x 10in on larger units. Small unit like 3ft x 5ft, frame width is 8in x 8in.

See image #5 in gallery of 6.5ft x 9ft beauty we sold to winery in Napa Valley! Also see video below of 6.5ft x 9ft unit test run in our shop.

Also images #16 and #17 Show another 6.5ft x 9ft that went to home in Bryn Mawr, Pa. This one is slate black patina. Stunning!
This was prior to client placing stones on the basin stainless panels.

Be the talk of your neighborhood!!

We can retro 2 units to sit side by side 90 degrees and form an "L" shape for $1000 upgrade fee.
See example in Gallery on left, image #6. This example shows 2 of our standard 6.5ft Tall x 5ft wide units.
This beauty would be $18,990 with 2 of the 6.5ft x ft units built to form "L" shape. Can be done with any size. Call for quote for L shape other sizes.

Price includes basin, pump and auto fill device. Ships to you plug and play ready! You will receive video of your unit being test run prior to shipping.

See examples in gallery of copper colors that can be done.
Image #10 in gallery is Dark Brown (most popular).
Image #12 is Slate Black.
Image #13 is 316 Brushed Stainless
(This is the material we use for all items made with stainless)

See image #14 shows our sturdy packing to protect your rain curtain in shipping.
This is very helpful for clients who need to store for weeks or months prior to install.

If you need unit to be above ground, we can put copper on stainless basin to match uppers for $1500 fee shown in drop down menus.
Will also add eyelet bolt to each corner of basin to bolt down for stability, if you tell us it will be above ground install.

Can be done in any size, call or email for custom quote

Call or email for shipping quote for this custom item.

Discounts do not apply on this custom item.

Check out Image #21 in the gallery. 18ft wide x 8ft tall beast going to a cancer center in Virginia.
Our guys putting the finishing touches, then the treatment to initiate orange bloom on corten steel.
A thing of beauty being created before our eyes!

Payment is direct wire or check only for custom sizes. Call to make payment.

See drop down menus below for other custom options available. White or colored lights is one of options.

Video #1 below is amazing 14ft wide x 10ft Tall unit shipped to Griffin Plaza in Simi Valley, Ca. RC-1 copper patina. This one was so large that for the first time we had to ship in more than one piece. But our artists even made that look good. Notice in the corners of the top beams where they bolt together. Gives it an even more Industrial rustic look! Also see image #2 in the image gallery to the left.

Video #2 below is custom 8ft Tall x 9ft Wide unit sent to city park in Chisago City. This has RC-1 copper patina
This one has lighting upgrade and stainless grading in center.
The lighting you can add is LED White spotlights, 12 volt and come with remote control dimmer.

Video #3 is 10ft tall x 5ft wide stainless unit sent to Katy, Texas.

Video #4 is our latest master piece! 18ft wide x 8ft tall. Corten Steel. Shipping to Cancer Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

Video #5 is 6.5ft Tall x 9ft wide unit tested in shop prior to shipping to winery in Napa Valley. Even better once rocks on basin!

Video #6 is our latest L-shaped unit shipping to the Maude Cobb Convention Center in Longview, Texas. This beauty is made with corten steel, 6.5ft tall x 5ft wide, ground up measurements. Also see Image #3 in our gallery. We used our black river rocks in the video to show how it will look with rocks.
You purchase and supply your rocks of choice. Advise 2-3 inch smooth river rocks. This beauty sells for $13,995.00 plus shipping TBD. Call to purchase.
L-Shaped unit 6.5 ft Tall with 2.5 ft L-section: $9500. This size would have basin 36 in long x 30 in wide.

All Works of Art!!

Some of color options for copper below:




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