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Please select the fountain style below that you install the most for your clients and projects.

Outdoor Fountains

Artistic Fountains & Statues

Floor and Wall Fountains

Rolling Sphere Fountains

Custom Fountains

Acrylic Fountains

  • Have you ever used water features to enhance your home or office projects?

    Yes No
  • Do you feel water features enhance the atmosphere and or value of the property?

    Enhance the atmosphere Value of the property Both
  • Are your clients generally more interested in indoor or outdoor fountains?

    Indoor fountains Outdoor fountains
  • Outdoor fountains: are clients more likely to purchase large cast stone fountains or smaller fountains made of resin?

    Large cast stone fountainsSmaller fountains made of resin
  • Do most clients place outdoor fountains in back or front yard?

    Back yard Front yard
  • Indoor fountains. Would you be more interested in floor fountains or wall fountains?

    Floor fountains Wall fountains
  • Would clients be interested in artistic wall fountains or stone panel fountains?

    Artistic wall fountains Stone panel fountains

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