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Business Fountains

Closed Top Stacked Slate Fountain Kit Medium

  • Weight 50.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 27"w x 45"h


Previously $2,699.00
Closed Top Stacked Slate Fountain Kit

Fountain dimensions: 27"w x 45"h

Fountain kit includes:
• Exact vase shown in photo
• 48" Achelous basin reservoir (48" diameter, 16" high)
• 1110 gallon per hour mag-drive pump
• Necessary plumbing and flow control valve
• Automatic water fill valve
• Fountain water treatment kit
• Five (5) bags polished pebbles
Pebble colors and basin schematic in gallery.

This is a closed top unit, so does not have inside lights.
You can add PB2897 Three pack bullet light for $169, shown in drop down menu.
These go in rocks around the basin and shine up at unit.

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