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sku:Stainless Mesh Copper Trim

Stainless Mesh Copper Trim

  • Weight 100.0000 lbs


Previously $10,995.00
Stainless Mesh Copper Trim.
Trim can be stainless or corten steel or copper in a variety of colors.
Can be built any size, call or email for quote.
Built with stainless catch basin to bury basin under ground and have water flow into rocks.

Prices below are above ground measurements. Add 12in for basin.

5ft wide x 6ft tall version is $9995.00 Plus crating and shipping.
15ft wide x 6ft tall version $24.500.00
10ft wide x 6ft tall version $18,995.00
8ft wide x 6ft tall version $15,500.00

Call for quote for other sizes. See some color options for copper in gallery.
Image #3 is dark brown (most popular) Image #5 is Slate black.

Some of other color options for copper below:




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