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Business Fountains

Stone Edge Cascade

  • Weight 483.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 33 x 30 in


Previously $1,699.00

At 30 inches high and 33 inches wide, this bold fountain can be purchased in a number of different finishes. The 483 lb weight provides for a stable fountain that isn’t easily moved, bumped, or knocked over. That reduces the risk of having the fountain in a location where many people have access to it, while still having the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty this particular fountain offers. The single column structure and pool located above the base provide a unique look that isn’t found in many of the more common fountain designs. The look of ancient times can be brought right into your home or business, providing you with a great conversation piece and the lovely, soothing sound of flowing, trickling water.

Finish shown here is Relic Lava. 21 different finishes available.

  • 30” High

  • 33” Wide

  • Weighs 215 LBS

Because of the natural characteristics of our products, no two pieces will be identical.

Colors are represented as accurately as possible.

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