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sku:Triple Scupper Water Fall

Triple Scupper Water Fall

  • Weight 300.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 6ft Wide x 5ft Tall


Previously $19,995.00
Triple scupper water fall with scuppers at staggered heights.
Also can be built with all 3 scuppers at the same height.

This custom water fall will be the focal point of
your home yard or office courtyard.

Approximate build out time for this custom water feature is 12 to 16 weeks.

Size shown is 6ft wide x 5ft tall above ground measurements.

Stainless Basin for this unit is 74" wide x 30" front to back x 12" deep. Basin comes with removable stainless panels on top to place decorative rocks.
Client provides their own rocks for the basin.
Basin to be buried with top of basin at ground level.

Pump and water are held in basin. Comes with pump and auto fill device.

Ships plug and play ready.

Can be built any size. Call for quote if different than standard shown.

See examples in gallery of other colors we can do with copper material.

Image #4 in gallery is dark brown

Image #5 in gallery is slate black

Image #6 in gallery is 316 brushed stainless
(This is the material we use for all items made with stainless)

Can also be done in copper, stainless, or corten steel. Same price.

If you choose to have faux stone or brick panels, there is a $3000 upgrade fee shown in drop down menus. You can choose your panel type at site below.


Note: Due to the normal properties of copper, the patina will change over time. This is normal and expected. Many people prefer the natural aging of the copper patina. But if you want your feature to hold its color longer, use a metal sealant such as everbrite. Follow instructions provided by sealant manufacturer. https://www.everbritecoatings.com/

Natural Oxidation:
Just like rust develops on iron, patina develops on copper when the copper sulphate on the surface interacts with oxygen in the environment. Importantly, unlike rust which corrodes iron, patina actually protects and preserves the copper underneath.

Normally the back is left open on these units, since most clients Place against a fence or wall. If you need the back to be decorative we can add metal covering to back for $1000 upgrade fee shown in the drop-down menus below.

Shipping price to be determined on this custom item.

Discounts do not apply on this custom item.

No free shipping on this custom item.

Payment is direct wire or check only. Call to make payment.

See video below of our single scupper water fall. This shows how water action will be on all 3 scuppers, smooth as glass!

Some of color options for copper below:




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