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Carribean Chess

  • Weight 50.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 28 x 48 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $1,399.00
Abstract designs can be excellent choices for getting the conversation going, and this fountain is no exception. With the dark background and bright colors, it can work well with many types of decoration and a number of different styles. It measures 48 inches tall by 28 inches wide, and can be a great focal point for any room. It also works well as a more understated option.
The fountain is easy to clean and take care of, so most of the time can be spent just enjoying the lovely colors and the softly flowing water. It’s great for relaxing, and provides hours of Zen-like rest and peaceful tranquility. Friends and family will appreciate the unique sense of style it brings to any room or occasion.
Custom Sizes available. Call for quote.
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