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Classical Gazebo

  • Weight 5312.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 84.5 in
  • Manufacturer hs


Previously $19,500.00
When you are looking for garden ornamentation that is pleasing to the eye so people can relax and enjoy the landscape theme, the Classical Gazebo is the perfect complement to any garden. This architectural design has been around for centuries offering a relaxing atmosphere to visitors who want to sit quietly in their natural surroundings.
Part of the Henri Studio collection, this gazebo features cast stone crafted into six 84-1/2″ tall columns, six headers and six base sections for a durable structure that will stand the test of time. This classic architectural structure is topped with an elegant 56″ high cupola of intricately detailed metalwork made out of zinc-coated carbon steel. The entire gazebo stands at a grand 153″ high and is 108-1/2″ in diameter along the base sections. You can further customize the gazebo by adding benches, balustrades, and planters that are available as optional features to increase the sophisticated theme of your property.

You can fill up to 5 spaces between columns with benches or balustrades. Prices in drop down menus.

Provide a comfortable space to enjoy your beautiful garden with this Classical Gazebo.
Shown here in the natural finish.
Because of the natural characteristics of our products, no two pieces will be identical.
Colors are represented as accurately as possible.

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