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sku:Copper Water Fall

Copper Water Fall

  • Weight 150.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 3ft Wide x 5ft Tall


Previously $7,499.00
This custom water fall will be the focal point of
your home yard or office courtyard.

Size shown is 3ft wide x 5ft tall.

5ft x 5ft version: $8695.00

Can be built any size. Call for quote if different than standard shown.

Can be done as shown, or darker color up to dark brown.

See examples in gallery of other colors we can do with copper material.

Can also be done in stainless if desired, same price.

You supply your own rocks for basin.

Comes with auto fill device to keep water level constant.

Unit comes with stainless basin for under ground, for pump and water containment.

Shipping price to be determined on this custom item.

Discounts do not apply on this custom item.

No free shipping on this custom item.

Payment is direct wire or check only. Call to make payment.

Some of color options for copper below:




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