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Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain

  • Weight 325.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 6 x 61 x 69 in


Previously $4,699.00
There’s nothing more entertaining than coming across a secret waterfall while you are hiking through the mountains. You see the rushing water cascading along the stone face and splashing in the pool below as you just sit and bask in the mist spraying outward. Have your own miniature waterfall splashing over a rock face with the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain. From the Cottonwood Falls fountain collection, this wall fountain features several stone aspects as you can watch the water sliding and skipping across the stone face into the basin below. Select from authentic marble, NaturalSlate, FeatherStone or even glass as the background feature.
This elegant wall fountain will instantly become a major attraction in any room in your home or your business office. Turn down the lights as this fountain features a customizable six socket lighting effect. You can also have your custom business logo incorporated into the fountain to increase branding and a positive impression about your business. Measuring 61″ wide by 69″ tall and 6″ deep, the Cottonwood Falls Wall Fountain will complete the decor theme of any room

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