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Acrylic Fountains and Bubble Panels

Aquatower Octagon Aquarium #690

  • Weight 81.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 16 x 80 in


Previously $2,699.00
This aqua tower is chic and takes up minimal floor space with its unique tower design. Fluorescent light illuminates the tank from the top providing light to display the the aquarium. It also lets the viewer see the aquatic life from the front, back, and sides maximizing observation compared to other aquarium tanks that limit such panoramic view that this model has. It is nearly maintainence free and easy to maintain with its high quality filtration system. It is perfect for any room to display the wonders of the sea with its clear visibility from every angle. It will have guests entertained with its stunning and unique display.
Product Details
690 Octagon AquaTower
16 ” x 16 ” x 80 ” H
55 Gallon Style
Product includes:
1 Set of Artificial Plant Decorations
1 Power Filter
1 Undergravel Filter with lift tube
1 Black Acrylic Header Unit with Header Cap
1 Fluorescent Light Fixture

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