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Galactic Window

  • Weight 150.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 6 x 6 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $3,899.00
Interested in featuring a focal point in your home office or living room that is truly spectacular? Opt for nothing less than the best work of art with this latest offering in the line of interior decor. A work of art reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the fantastic Galactic Window is a feast for the eyes. Inspired by the celestial sky, this awe inspiring fountain creates the illusion of mystery and intrigue. Do you long to give your bedroom a more ethereal feel? Thanks to the amazing optical Lexan panel used for this one of a kind water piece that can be designed as a sculpture or water fountain, your bedroom will become dreamscape. Using the masterful touch, this wall sculpture is created with exclusivity to give your décor a customized look.
Take a look at how the Galactic Window wall fountain is made. Featuring a pristine Lexan panel, the backside of the panel is painted by hand using a master’s stroke. This creation is made in the USA. Note that the technique involves a pure copper frame, which ensures the safety of this art work among children and pets. As this is a truly original work of art, it can be fashioned to any specifications that you desire. Contact us today to request a quote for your custom-made Galactic Window. Can be designed as a sculpture or fountain.
Fountain pump includes 2-year warranty
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