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Acrylic Fountains & Fishtanks
sku:Custom Bubble Panels

Custom Bubble Panels

  • Weight 300.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 5ft wide x 8ft tall


Previously $12,500.00

Custom Bubble Panels.

Come with multi changing colored lights.

Free floating, baffle type or channel type bubble panels.

Can be done in any size.

$9995 price listed is for standard channel type bubble panel, 5ft wide x 8ft tall. If you need a different size, Call for quote.

Free shipping does not apply on this custom item.

A fountain that bubbles rather than flows down over a distance is just as fantastic as other water fountains at creating the calming sound of trickling water. These smart installations use technology that needs little space or force to produce trickles.  These are perfect to be used as indoor fountains and can be easily installed as an elegant addition to your décor.

Bubble fountains are available in not one but three different varieties, each having its own working concept:

Top Bubble Fountain

It sits upright in a large container in which the water gurgles from atop. This is the traditional bubble fountain. The water gurgling creates a series of bubbles with the help of a submersible pump, which is hidden inside the basin.

Side Bubble Fountain

These use a similar concept to the top bubble fountains except there’s typically an additional design element on their turned side. This can be either a pot or a pitcher that sits on the top of the water reservoir, the larger version of the side element.

Streaming Bubble Fountain

This type of fountain creates a beautiful stream effect that is the same as pouring water into a larger pool by using a more powerful pump.

These do not require extensive know-how or any typical installations, but they can be used as beautiful elements to amplify the ambience.

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