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Floor Fountains

Pentaview Pentagon Aquarium

  • Weight 99.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 29 x 57 in


Previously $2,699.00
This Pentagon shaped aquarium has a unique motif and can be placed in a corner section of a room with its five sided design. It lets the viewer observe the aquatic life from three sides in its non-traditional shape. Make a statement with the sleek and unique design of the pentaview aquarium. It is perfect for an office or home environment and can be added to any decor with its classic style. It is a great addition to any environment with its uniquely hand crafted design. It is essentially maintainence free and made of cell cast acrylic which is over ten times stronger and has more superb clarity than glass.
Product Details
P-5 Pentaview
Pentagon AquaCustom Aquarium
28 1/2 ” x 21 1/2 ” x 60 1/2 ” H
35 Gallon Style
Product Includes:
1 Clear Acrylic Tank
1 Base Unit with Accessory Hatch
1 Header Unit
1 Header Cap with Fluorescent Light Fixture
1 Set of Artificial Plant Decorations
1 Canister Filter
1 Undergravel Filter
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