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sku:Mega Granduer River

Mega Grandeur River Floor Fountain 10ft x 7ft

  • Weight 600.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 84"W x 120"H
  • Manufacturer Ad


Previously $13,999.00
As tall and majestic as the natural waterfalls it represents, the Mega Grandeur River Wall offers a stunning entrance for clients or guests. This fountain, which stands at 10 feet, gives the illusion that your wall is overflowing with water. Available in both transparent glass as well as in a mirrored wall or feather stone, this optical illusion is as amazing to look at as it is relaxing and soothing.
As an added bonus, if you elect to rearrange the decor in your home or office, the Mega Grandeur River Wall fountain can be moved to another location. The fountain also includes polished river pebbles and comes with an easy-to-follow installation DVD as well as printed instructions.

We do custom sizes of this water wall! Call for Free Quote! Any Size!

Note: Only fountains with clear, blue or green glass are meant to be center mounted with rock bed on both sides, since they are translucent and can be viewed on both sides. All other panel types are rear mounted, meant to go against a wall with rock bed in front only, since only viewable on one side.

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