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Metal Art Fountains

Single Flame Copper Fountain

  • Weight 150.0000 lbs


Previously $3,750.00
Single Flame Copper Fountain

An amazing addition to any setting, office or home.
Single Flame Copper Fountain
Comes with pump and basin.

The Flame fountain is a low splash fountain with a tune-able sound.
The water clings to the surface on the way down until it hits a "Toe-Kick"
at the bottom to create a gentle "water to water" sound.

Available in sizes ( all come stock with a round basin, square basins are optional extra)

4'= $3100 square basin add $100
6'= $4500 square basin add $150
7.5'=$7000 square basin add $200
9.5'= $10500 square basin add $400

#1 in gallery shows 4ft tall
#2 in gallery shows 6ft tall
#3 in gallery shows 6ft tall and 7.5ft tall
#4 in gallery shows 9.5ft tall

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