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sku:Stainless Reflection Pool

Stainless Reflection Pool 6ft x 3ft

  • Weight 350.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 6ft L x 3ft. W x 16in T


Previously $11,500.00
Stainless Reflection Pool

Our reflection pools have the "Infinity Pool" design, with water spilling evenly over all 4 edges, and dropping inside the pool, as shown in main image and image #2 in the gallery.

"An infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool, where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary"

Amazing addition to any home or business.

Total dimensions of 6ft. Long x 3ft. Wide x 16in. Tall.

Image #2 in the gallery has the black slate copper siding upgrade.
We can add any of the copper siding finishes or corten steel.
Call for quote on the size you need. $1995 upgrade fee for 6ft x 3ft

6ft x 3ft unit includes 3 bubblers, reflection panel, pump and auto fill device.

The Bubblers will be set to rise about 3-4 inches above the water surface. This is optimal to minimize splash.
Each Bubbler will have it's own ball valve if you need to adjust water action higher or lower.

If you need to add lights + $995. Special circular lights that mount to base of bubblers.

These plug and play ready! Shop test video provided for each prior to shipping!

We can do any size, call or email for quote.

We build with thick and sturdy 16 guage stainless steel.

Price if silver stainless steel: $9995.00 Plus shipping TBD.
The reflection panels across the top are silver stainless. If you need these to be black then add $750.

We can also add corten steel panels to sides or copper panels. $1995 to add siding to 6ft x 3ft size.

Several colors available for copper. Example for up to 15ft long size,
add $3500 to cost to add decorative copper or corten steel to sides and top edges.
The inside will still be stainless, which is best to fight corrosion and algae growth.

Price for 30ft Long x 6ft Wide x 3ft Tall: $44,900.00
Comes with 6 bubblers, reflection panels, pump and auto fill device.

We can do any size!

Price shown is for a self contained unit with bubblers.
All quoted at 3ft wide and 16 inches deep.
Call for quote if you need lights added.
Call for shipping quote.

6’ long - $9995

8’ Long - $13995

10’ Long - $15995

The price jumps here because we need to start seaming two sections together to achieve lengths past 10'

12’ long - $21995

15’ Long - $23995

18’ Long - $27995

Custom Size:
12ft Long x 4ft Wide x 24in deep: $24,500.00
This one includes 4 bubblers with 4 special circular lights at base of each bubbler, white or multi color. Lights come with remote. Height of water action on bubblers can be whatever you need, up to 4ft high. Reflection panels inside unit can be black as shown in image #1 or mirrored stainless panels.

No free shipping on this custom item.

No discounts on this custom item.

Image #4 in Gallery shows dark brown copper
Image #5 in Gallery shows slate black copper
Image #6 in Gallery shows our stainless steel
Image #7 in Gallery shows an example of corten steel unit we built, about 90% bloomed into orange color.

Some of color options for copper below:




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