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Nemo’s Window Stained Wall Fountain

  • Weight 25.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 28 x 48 in


Previously $1,799.00

If you have ever wondered what the bottom of the sea looks like, you can let your imagination run wild with this colorful wall fountain. Titled “Nemo’s Window”, this work of art encompasses a number of bright colors that make you wonder if this is what 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea would look like. The fountain looks as though it’s made from stained glass, though it actually uses a form of acrylic, making it much more durable.

The artists have taken great care with creating this water fountain and now you can embrace the style in your own home or office. It’s a conversation piece for sure and Captain Nemo would be proud to see this on your wall. The soothing sounds of the water will just add to the feeling of being at sea. Order yours today and escape to the sea!

Dimensions: 28W x 48H. Want a different size? Customizations are available.

  • Made in the USA

  • Ships 4-6 weeks after ordering

Call for your stained wall fountain today and incorporate the bright colors onto your wall.

See image in gallery. This client asked for more orange and red in colors, so we made it happen.
We can adjust colors on any of our artistic fountains!
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