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Stainless Steel Mesh Water Wall

  • Weight 0.0000 lbs


Previously $29,500.00
This masterpiece is made with metal frame and stainless mesh water panel for a stunning outdoor water feature.

These can be built in any size needed.

They come ready to plug and play. Totally set up and self contained.

All units come with pump and auto fill device to keep water at constant level.

You would only need to dig the trench and purchase rocks to put over the basin.

These can be done with copper as shown, stainless, corten steel or bronze trim. (add $1000 for Bronze)

To see colors available for copper or bronze copy and paste link below.
Or type "rain curtain" into our site search engine.

Example in image is 6ft tall x 15ft wide. Total price $24,950.00 .

A 6ft tall x 10ft wide version: $18995.00

A 6ft tall x 5ft wide version: $9995.00. We can do any size you need!

These are all above ground measurements.
The stainless basin is 12in deep and approx 14 inches front to back.

Great deal for an incredible water feature/work of art!!

Call or email for quote on any size for your project.

Will need shipping quote for this custom item.

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