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sku:Rain Circle

Rain Circle

  • Weight 200.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 5ft Diameter


Previously $11,500.00
Very unique Rain Circle Water Feature!

Be the talk of your neighborhood!

Image #3 in the gallery shows one we powder coated with 'Hacienda Red Wrinkle PWB 6450."
We us a special paint that fights the effects of UV Rays to keep the color looking great for years!!
We can do just about any color. The basin on this one is going under ground, so it is stainless.

Built with Stainless or Corten Steel. Comes with pump, auto fill and stainless catch basin for water. Designed for Stainless Basin is to be placed under ground. See images #5 and 6 in gallery. You place rocks on top of stainless panels on basin. You pick out and supply your own rocks.

5ft Diameter Rain Circle: $9995.00

5ft Diameter Approximate dry weight 200lbs

5ft Basin: 52in Long x 30in Wide x 12in deep, holds about 70 gal

6ft Diameter Rain Circle: $13995.00

6ft Diameter Approximate dry weight 250lbs

6ft Basin: 64" Long x 30" Wide x 12" deep, holds about 85 gal

7ft Diameter Rain Circle: $15995.00

7ft Diameter Approximate dry weight 300lbs

7ft Basin: 76" Long x 30" Wide x 12" deep, holds about 100 gal

Images #10 and #11 show our latest masterpiece!
7ft diameter stainless steel.

We can quote any size you need for this rain circle! Call or email for custom quote.

Price includes basin, pump and auto fill device. Ships to you plug and play ready!
You will receive video of your unit being test run prior to shipping.

You can upgrade and have the stainless powder coat painted any color you want!
On 5ft size this adds $995 to the price, to paint the circle, as shown in drop down menus.

If you want to add 2 down lights in the upper part of feature, add $750 shown in drop down menu.

If you want to add 2 underwater up lights in the basin, add $750 shown in drop down menu.

Or add all 4 lights for $1500.00

If you want multi color changing lights, $895 for 2, $1790 all 4

Free shipping is not included with this custom item.

See shop test videos below. We shoot one for all units.

Video #1 is 6ft diameter stainless unit.

Video #2 is 5ft diameter unit powder coated red.
We only use highly UV Resistant powder coating.
We can do just about any color needed.

Video #3 is 7ft diameter stainless unit.

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