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Solar Statues and Fountains

Green Swirl Ceramic Solar Fountain

  • Weight 0.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 16L x 13W x 20H


Previously $249.50
This green swirl ceramic solar fountain measures 16L x 13W x 20H, and provides four tiers of cascading water. By recycling water from a reservoir in the main bowl, the fountain can operate totally self-contained. Your deck, garden, or patio will feel so relaxing with this fountain flowing soothingly in the background.
It operates easily in direct sunlight, and is powered by a solar panel with a 10ft cable. That allows you to put the panel in a sunny spot, but still move the fountain around to another nearby location. The pump is low voltage and has a filter, to protect it from any debris in the water. There’s no wiring to worry about, and no operating costs. Simply set up your solar fountain and enjoy it!
This fountain measures 16L x 13W x 20H
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