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Solar Statues and Fountains

Tangerine Ceramic Solar Fountain

  • Weight 28.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 16L x 13W x 20H


Previously $249.50
Add a splash of color to your garden, balcony, or anywhere else there is some sunlight. The orange ceramic fountain features five brightly colored bowls where the water flows down to produce an incredible sound. It’s solar powered, so there’s no electricity required. You simply have a 10 foot cable that connects to the pump and on the other end is a solar panel responsible for collecting the power of the sun.
The fountain operates best in direct sunlight and will help the low voltage pump to function properly. It’s a low maintenance solar fountain that makes it easy to relieve stress by listening to the sound of water trickling down.

  • Absolutely no operating costs

  • AC adapter available to use indoors

  • Main bowl recycles water

Create your relaxing atmosphere today by shopping online!

This fountain measures 16L x 13W x 20H

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