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sku: HA-185

Pastel Sorcery

  • Weight 25.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 28 x 48 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $1,399.00
This fountain can come backlit, or can be purchased without lighting. All the mounting hardware is included, so hanging it on the wall is easy and won’t take long. Then, its bold, stunning look can be appreciated for years to come. The beauty of an abstract comes through, and there are a number of ways in which to interpret this fountain.
These are handmade, and no two are exactly alike. Every fountain will look like this one, but will be just different enough to be unique. The elegance of the design shines through, whether it’s placed in a home or an office. Maintenance is easy, and the fountain will be a beautiful addition to any space as a focal point or in a more subtle role.
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