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Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain

  • Weight 100.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 48 x 96 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $6,499.00

Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain

Artisanal quality of this handcrafted work of art is clearly noted by the intricate detail and precision of craftsmanship. Now, you too can own the fantastic Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain. Featuring a mechanical water pump this water fountain creates the illusion of rain falling over the face of a Monet inspired masterpiece. However, thanks to the illusive quality of this optical Lexan your water front will never touch the masterpiece that is actually painted on the backside of a clear panel. Sealed and framed with splendid copper, your Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain is a gorgeous piece of art that offers a sensual delight.

Spruce up your outdoor area by mounting this wall fountain to an exterior wall. Customize the piece with optional LED lighting to create a nightly show in your garden that will thrill friends and neighbors. Thanks to the handcrafted quality of the Reflecting Pond Wall Fountain, every one of these wall fountains made are one of a kind. You can create a display of these wall fountains in your interior for an art display that offers more than just a beautiful visual effect.

  • Features a 1-year warranty for the water pump

  • Comes with mechanical water pump

  •  Ships in 4 to 6 weeks depending on availability

  • Can be customized with lighting or size

  • Made in US

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