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sku:Spheres Special Deal

Rolling Spheres Special!

  • Weight 5500.0000 lbs
Call For Price
Amazing Wholesale Deal! 40 inch and 48 in Rolling Spheres!.These have solid rock base not self-contained. Bases are solid 40x40x12H or 48x48x12H. World etching - these are here in US and we need to sell all of them in the next 30 days. Free Shipping.

1) World etching
2) Import and inland shipment from Long Beach Port
3) Amazing Deal. Please take advantage before we run out.

I have these two models here in US in Michigan ready to ship. I have special prices from the normal ​retail ​prices.
These would be used as a centerpiece for a pool or grating system. I also have a grating system in stock.

The spheres have the etching of the world and turn on their axis if left alone but can be rotated freely by hand.

​Normal Retail Price: ​The 48 inch sphere ($28,500) weighs about 5500 pounds and the 40 inch ($23,500) about 3500 pounds.

​Limited Wholesale Price: is​ $17,500​ for the ​48 inch​ and ​$13,500​ for the 40​ i​nch. Payment in full with $1000/40"/shipping and $1500/48"/shipping.

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