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Saturday in Brazil Stained Wall Fountain

  • Weight 25.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 25 x 48 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $1,699.00

If you have ever wondered what a Saturday in Brazil looked like, you can let your imagination run wild with this artistic interpretation. The stunning wall fountain uses dazzling colors to create prominent shapes that tell a different story to everyone who gazes upon it. State of the art products have been used to keep the paint safe. The water runs over Lexan instead of the image itself, offering durability for you to enjoy the art for many years to come.

This fountain can hang on your wall and make it look as though you have stained glass. The moment the water starts, you can enter a state of relaxation. The LED lights in the back add to the amazing glow that will leave everyone talking about the masterpiece that graces your home or office. It’s the ultimately way to finish a space and create an environment that is peaceful and alluring.

Dimensions are 28W x 48H, though there are custom sizes available to fit the size of your wall.

  • Ships in 4-6 weeks based on inventory

  • Made in USA

  • All hardware is included

  • Easy to set up and install

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