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sku:Stainless Pool

Stainless Pool Fountain 30ft x 3ft

  • Weight 1000.0000 lbs


Previously $52,900.00
Stainless Pool Fountain

Specs of Unit Pictured:

11ga. brushed 316 stainless and internal stainless structural framing.
We can also add corten steel or copper decorative siding for same price.

30ft long X 3ft wide X 16in tall

6 bubblers, one every 5 ft. Adjustable.
Can be adjusted up 10 inches rise above water surface.

Underwater mirrored stainless sheet metal plates facing upwards and resting several inches below the waters surface to hide plumbing / framework and add to the overall esthetics and reflection effect.

There will be 6 of these reflection panels, 18 guage stainless, 3ft wide x 5ft long each, across the basin. These weigh 65 lbs each and easy to remove with 2 people.

110v asynchronous pump with entire system plug-and-play ready.

No free shipping on this custom item. Call for quote.

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Ships plug and play ready.

Client receives video of unit running prior to shipment.

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