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Still Life Wall Fountain

  • Weight 25.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 28 x 48 in
  • Manufacturer hg


Previously $1,399.00
For people who are looking for something less modern and more traditional, or those who want an eclectic design where they like to mix many styles together, this Still Life Wall Fountain can be an excellent choice. It offers a piece of classic, traditional art, with the added beauty of gently falling water. At 28 inches wide and 48 inches tall, it’s also an excellent size for nearly any room.
Dens and sun rooms are great choices for this type of fountain, and it could even easily be used in a bedroom, where the soothing sounds of falling water could be a good way to sleep more comfortably. The peaceful water, coupled with the serene artwork, provide a piece that can easily fit in and be loved at a home or a business.
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