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sku:HE-5705 F12

Three-Tier Renaissance Fountain in Valencia Pool

  • Weight 882.0000 lbs
  • Dimensions 64 x 70 in
  • Manufacturer hs


Previously $4,699.00
The elegance of this three-tier fountain goes above and beyond what would be found in most smaller fountain options. With a 70-inch height and a diameter of 64 inches, the fountain makes an imposing figure in any yard of garden. Both residential and commercial applications can benefit from the quality and beauty of the three-tier Renaissance fountain and Valencia pool into which the water ultimately falls. Weight 882 lbs
A wide variety of stone finishes are available for this particular fountain, allowing for a choice that will fit in with nearly any decor. Whether the location is modern, or more Olde World in nature, there will be a fountain color that will fit in with what is needed. Underwater lights can also be added, allowing for a soothing presence even when it’s dark outside.
Shown here in Relic Fumato.
Because of the natural characteristics of our products, no two pieces will be identical.
Colors are represented as accurately as possible.

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